Dementia Care

“To my deafness I have become accustomed, to my dentures I am resigned. I can manage without my bifocals. But oh how I miss my mind.” Sir Alec Douglas Hume (1903-1995) British politician and prime minister.

Dementia is not a natural consequence of aging. It is a cruel disease that destroys brain cells. Gradually losing the ability to remember, plan, use language and control our bodies is a frightening and confusing experience. It can cause fear, anxiety and a feeling of loneliness. At Elite Carers we understand the significant adjustments you will have to make.

Our staff are passionate about:

Helping you maintain your confidence, independence and lifestyle
Providing much needed support to family carers.
We believe in seeing the whole person and not just the condition. We talk to you and your family to find out what is important to you, what you can do and what you would like to achieve from your care and support. We provide tailored domiciliary care and support to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Our aim is to help you manage the symptoms of dementia so that you can safely stay in control of your life as much as possible, for as long as possible.

How we help:

Our dementia care workers receive specialist training for dementia care and dementia awareness, they understand how the condition affects the individual, their family, and those around them.
With our person centred approach, we ensure that we don’t just meet the needs of the individual we support but also the whole family.
We can help people to live well with dementia by helping with things like:
meaningful activities in the day
getting out and about in the community
Personal Home Care
Practical Help at Home
help with managing medicines
Respite Care services so that those caring for a loved one with dementia can take a break
emotional support for the whole family.