Meet the Management Team

Rachel Beazer (3)

Rachael Beazer:

I am a caring, energetic, fun loving individual with a passion to improve the standard of care vulnerable people are receiving. My working background is with the police force which has assisted me in my role by giving an insight to the exploitation elderly people can suffer, making me more determined that Elite carers will eliminate this. I specialise in adult care, mental awareness and dementia. I am also Level 5 qualified in Health and Social care.


claire pic

Claire Kilbourne:

With a background in business support and customer service, this change of direction may seem odd to some people but having heard about and seen some poor care given to those who need help the most, I feel that I can change some things in some people’s lives for the better.

I am thoughtful, giving, good at listening and solving problems.  I am committed to making life easier and happier for those I come into contact with.

I and the staff at Elite Carers are determined to give a high standard of care and set a benchmark for others to follow.