Respite Care

Respite care ensures taking a break has never been so easy…

If you are a carer looking after a loved one, you probably do not get much respite from your duties, and although helping a loved one is highly rewarding, it’s also extremely demanding. It is important for you to take regular breaks by using respite care so that you can enjoy a rest, take a break and recognise the importance of taking time out for yourself.

It can be hard to let go and let someone else care for your loved one, but respite care is vital to your well-being. Getting some time to yourself will help to retain your own sense of identity, you can have the time to recharge, and feel like you are also living life to the full.

At Elite Carers, we understand this, and you don’t necessarily need to have a long break to feel the benefit. Some of our clients find that short breaks at regular intervals work well, perhaps one afternoon or evening a week for some ‘me time’ is all you need. Or maybe you would enjoy a monthly visit to the theatre, or to a health spa booking for a pampering session?

You can rely on Elite Carers to care for your loved one with compassion, and integrity. Respite carers provide an array of services including accompanying on social outings and special events, attending medical appointments, and help with housekeeping.

Our respite carers can also provide personal care such as helping with personal appearance and personal hygiene, and practical help around the home.

All you need to do is brief us on the details of the normal care regime you follow for your loved one. You can even have a care worker working alongside you for an hour or so to introduce them to your loved one, and show them where the things they will need are kept. During your respite break we will then visit as scheduled, or stay in your home to provide live-in care as planned.

It’s a much better solution than temporarily placing the person you care for in a care home, where they will be away from their familiar surroundings and possessions, and it may be more difficult for friends to visit them. Of course our involvement doesn’t mean that we’re taking over your role – it’s just a back-up service that will enable you to enjoy a well-earned, worry-free break.

You may be entitled to receive funding to get a break, you can ask your local authority social services team for a carer’s assessment.

Social services will be able to discuss with you and assess any help required that would maintain your own health and wellbeing, and balancing your caring responsibilities with other aspects of your life, such as work and family. The assessment is used to decide what help to provide.

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